Developing novel therapies to treat vascular leak

Lead Technology

Vasomune Therapeutics develops compounds targeting diseases associated with vascular dysfunction and destabilization. The Tie2 receptor is expressed on the surface of endothelial cells. Its’ two main growth factors, Ang1 and Ang2, propagate anti or pro-inflammatory responses respectively through the Tie2 receptor and it is the balance between Ang1/Ang2 that is critical in defining vascular stability. As such, regulating the Tie2 signaling pathway is a major pharmaceutical target of interest.


Vasomune’s lead compound, Vasculotide, is a fully synthetic Ang1 mimetic designed to be optimal for opposing vascular inflammation and leakage. The overwhelming majority of pharmaceutical efforts aimed at modulating the Tie2 pathway do so by inhibiting Ang2. However, protein therapeutics designed to inhibit a single factor have historically been fraught with issues of ‘biological compensation’. Preclinical studies show that activation of the Tie2 receptor with Vasculotide provides robust vessel-stabilizing properties following exposure to a diverse range of inflammatory mediators. Consistent with the breadth of protection, administration of Vasculotide has proven therapeutic benefit in several different pre-clinical models marked by vascular dysfunction, including diabetic wound healing, asthma, atopic dermatitis, diabetic atherosclerosis, metastatic disease and acute lung injury.




Vasomume Therapeutics has selected ALI and AKI as its lead indications based on strong, third-party validated preclinical data and converging evidence that vascular dysfunction plays a key role in these indications. Vasculotide will serve as the first Tie2-specific agonist to test this hypothesis in ALI and AKI, both significant and life threatening unmet medical needs.


Vasomune and third-party academic collaborators have found that Vasculotide demonstrates benefit in opposing both lung and kidney injury, and shows significantly increases in survival. Based on these promising preclinical studies, Vasomune intends to move Vasculotide into clinical stage development.

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